Saturday Disco


Started in September 2009, the extremely popular Tavastia Saturday Disco is a Helsinki nightlife institution and Finland’s most popular pop-disco. The hardest DJ-led pop/rock/indie dances are organised every Saturday after gigs from midnight until half past four.

Wide musical range is emphasised on dancable pop, rock, rap, disco and indie music in their varities, from the best classics to the most recent hits. Every now and then the program will feature special performers and surprise guests. DJ program is also available downstairs in Semifinal that offers a calmer option to the Tavas-tia hullabaloo.

Saturday Disco is open every Saturday after gigs from 23:30-4:30. The hall and dance floor open around mid-night. Limited number of tickets are sold in advance at Tiketti and always available at the door also.

Tavastia Saturday Disco DJ’s

Tavastia’s Saturday Disco DJ collective have become outstanding artists of versatile pop-music, who collate recent hits, best classics and forgotten gems into the hardest sets for any occasion. Tavastia Saturday Disco DJ’s have been heard on Radio Helsinki and at festivals from Flow Festival to Ruisrock and Provinssi as well as different events across the board.

Skenikswee is the youngest of the Saturday Disco DJ gang and at the same time perhaps the busiest. Gigs at Helsinki’s most prominent clubs and events as well as festivals have stacked up for years. In addition the cal-endar is filled with playing for bands Pasa and Midsommaren and as a promoter for All Day Agency. Selection of top music from here to there reaches from recent elektro, indie, pop, hiphop and rock sounds to older soul, disko and boogie classics. Up-to-date tunes are also heard monthly in pop_lover_92 program on Ida Radio.

Harvest is Saturday Disco’s go-to guy in the DJ booth and relentless with making the crowd move. This old skateboarder’s great favourites include the golden age hip-hop and buzzing indierock but the industriously gigging DJ also experiently selects the best party tunes to suit any occasion, whether it be the most loved clas-sics or the latest and hardest tunes of the different eras.

Saturday Disco’s regular spinner Mini gigs more rarely nowadays but when so, with an even greater expertise. The DJ once excited about synthpop, made the crowd dance at pop-discos even before most of the Ladi-goers were born, and the steely experience can still be felt. Nowadays the task of promoting the largest and grand-est festival, Ruisrock, keeps the DJ busy. Frontrow spot in the music business keeps the DJ firmly tied to the latest phenomena in pop-music and therefore the latest hits can be enjoyed at Mini’s DJ gigs even before many have even heard of them.

Erkko is the boss and founder of Saturday Disco as well as the central figure. Background deeply in electronic music, but heart beating strongly to pop-music in its different forms, from forgotten gems to the latest tunes, the focus is on their creative and occasionally crazy mixing. Experience spans from cafes to arenas, to dozens of club nights whilst working as a journalist and on radio YleX and Radio Helsinki. Behind is also a long-term post as part of Flow Festival’s program team. In addition, the chores include organising Stadin Juhannus event together with Skenikswee.

Buy tickets in advance!

There is a limited number of advance tickets and ticket sales start at Tavastia’s door on Saturdays at 11.30 pm.

Please remember to bring a photo ID. Identity is checked from everyone.