Located right next to Tavastia, Semifinal is a smaller venue where you can almost smell the band in the front row.

What time does the band play?

You can find the show times of all performers on our website, on the Semifinal tab. Please check the show time once more on the day of the gig. For example, an additional opening band may cause the show times of the other bands to change even at short notice.

Will I need an advance ticket?

Semifinal is a small venue. In most cases, tickets are available at the door, but a popular band may sell out quickly in advance, so if you want to be sure that you get in, we recommend purchasing an advance ticket. The traffic lights help you keep up with the ticket situation: If the light is green on the day of the gig, tickets will be available at the door. If the light has turned yellow, you should definitely buy your ticket in advance.

Is there a cloakroom fee?

A cloakroom service fee of 3,50 € will be collected at the door.

For bands

If you are interested in performing at Semifinal, please contact [email protected]. Please send any promotion material in electronic format.