Tavastia Club

Tavastia is one of Europe’s oldest rock clubs. Here you can find answers to practical questions about the venue.

Can the club be accessed with a wheelchair and does my assistant need a ticket?

Assistants will principally be allowed to gigs free of charge and the club is wheelchair accessible. Event specific exceptions are however possible so please contact [email protected] before arriving to a gig.

Friday late evening gigs cannot be accessed with early evening tickets, unless otherwise stated.
The most popular gigs sell out in minutes so it is useful to follow our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)  where the gigs are constantly promoted. The bands themselves also share information about their gigs and we also have a newsletter that is worth reading! Subscribe to the newsletter from below.

Tavastia safety advice

At Tavastia we minimise the contraction risk by reducing customer places and by following the hygiene regulations hereby ensuring a safe gig experience for our customers.

We do not tolerate any kind of sexual harrasment, violence, rasicm, homo- or transfobia, ableism or misogyny. Please contact our staff immediatelyt, if you see this kind of behavior during the event.

Do not come to the gig if you feel ill. Please avoid using cash as the payment method. Please use a face mask. Masks are also sold at the bar.

What time does the band start playing?

We aim to tell the showtime well in advance on the website with the gig information as well as on the Facebook event but please do remember to check showtimes and/or other possible notifications on the gig date anyway. For example the warm-up booking may change showtimes with a short notice so please always check event specific opening times separately from the gig information.

As a general guideline, we can tell you that weeknight gigs quite often take place between 9 pm and midnight. There are often late night gigs on Fridays, but on Saturdays the bands finish before 11:30 pm, when the Lauantaidisko disco begins. However, we always agree separately on the show time for each gig, and the duration of gigs varies.

I will need tickets, right?

You may place tickets for gigs into the shopping basket by clicking them directly on our website. After this, you will move to the Tiketti online shop, where you can take a further look at Tavastia’s gigs before paying, if you’d like. For example, you can order the tickets to your e-mail as a PDF attachment or to your mobile as an SMS.

If you want personal service, you can go to Tiketti Galleria near Tavastia and look at the art while buying the tickets at the counter. Tiketti also has several other sales offices in Helsinki and in various parts of Finland, and if you book your tickets in advance, you can collect them from any R-kioski kiosk. You can book your tickets online or using our telephone service at 0600 11616 (€1.78/min + local network charge, Mon–Sun 9 am–9 pm). Click here for more information.

Tavastia is a popular venue, and our gigs often sell out. In other words, buying an advance ticket not only saves you money but also ensures that you get to see the gig. However, if the traffic lights on our website are green on the day of the gig, you can safely head for Tavastia and buy your ticket at the door.

Is there a cloakroom fee?

Our cloakroom fee is €3,5. You only need to pay if you use the service. Please note that outdoor clothing, heavy belongings and professional cameras must be left at the cloakroom. A thick winter jacket would take up space from others, let alone a backpack.

Help – I was at a gig and lost all my stuff!

Lost and found items are taken care of by Suomen Löytötavarapiste (0600 04401, €1.99/min + local network charge), which picks them up from the venue every month. If you are in a hurry to get your lost belongings back – as may be the case with things like keys – you can e-mail Stadin Dörtsi at [email protected] or call our info number +358 (0)9 774 67 4200 earlier in the week.

Will an early evening ticket give me access to a late night gig?

Friday late evening gigs cannot be accessed with early evening tickets, unless otherwise stated. A Saturday-night gig ticket always gives you access to Tavastia’s Lauantaidisko disco on the same night. Tickets to the disco are also always sold at the door and in advance. By the way, an advance ticket entitles you to skip the queue, if you don’t feel like freezing in the Helsinki night!

I am a lucky VIP card owner! What does this mean in practice?

With a VIP card, you can see most gigs at Tavastia by just paying the cloakroom fee. If a gig starts selling out in advance, VIP cardholders will also need a ticket. We will inform you on the gig’s event page when a VIP card does not give you access to the gig. You can look at the traffic lights for advance information: if the light goes yellow for the gig, you should purchase a ticket.

I am afraid of finding out too late that my favourite band is coming to Tavastia.

The most popular gigs may sell out in five minutes, so it pays to follow our communications. We will tip you off about upcoming gigs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we also have a newsletter worth subscribing to!

I want to organise my own event at Tavastia.
Who do I contact?

Please send an email to [email protected] or visit for more specific information about the premises and the specifications on Premises, hiring and catering pages. If you are a gig organiser, please contact Mikko Merimaa here.