Tavastia Hall of Nature

At the beginning of year 2020, Tavastia started Tavastia Hall of Nature-responsibility project. The project handles responsibility from many different angles. One of the purposes is to consider Tavastia’s role as part of the climate crisis and its solutions. One of the concrete aims of the project is to become a carbon-neutral operator of the live industry. As the project progresses, we will look for, and take into practice ways to actively reduce our own carbon footprint. Our long term plan is not to be just carbon-free, but also a responsible and sustainable operator of the live industry.

An important aim is to also consider how Tavastia could help forward responsible ways of doing things and how we can best use our voice and our stakeholders more widely to further positive development. We believe that our corporate responsibility extends beyond the gig venue’s physical walls, and that together with other live industry operators we can influence issues important to us all by creating responsible practices together.

“Tavastia Hall of Nature 2020-2021 as the initiator of a more responsible operation” is a thesis handling the first years of the Hall of Nature-project made for Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. You can read it here: and get some tips on how to start responsibility work.


Social Responsibility

With our staff we are investigating how equality is being fulfilled in our work community. We are also currently considering, how we are continuing to make sure that Tavastia is free of discrimination, a safe and equal space. We do not tolerate any kind of offensive or derogatory behaviour. This adheres to everyone, both the people working in the building, as well as its customers.

Tavastia-club is unobstructed and for customers moving with a wheelchair, a space at the front of the stage will be reserved. The club has one unobstructed and gender-neutral sanitary space.


Environmental Responsibility

Right at the beginning of the project it was clear that there is a lot of work to be done and all ideas cannot be carried out straight away. Environmental responsibility has been the most natural point to start seizing the matters. Getting to know other operators’ responsibility matters has had a great emphasis and hence we also want to tell you what we have done and what we are planning to do.


Environment Ticket and Tavastia Forest

In Spring 2021, we launched the environment ticket. The ticket can be purchased with all domestic gigs and the environment ticket’s +3 € is donated in full to the Tavastia forest fundraising.

At the beginning of 2020 we also started collaborating with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and established fundraising in order to protect an area of Finnish old-growth forest. Old-growth forests are ancient, wild primeval forests that are important carbon stores.

To date approx. 55 000 € (12/21) has been collected. The donations consist of private donations, environment tickets, Vallila x Tavastia-collection income and the funds our company has channeled to the fundraising.

More on the project:

Towards Carbon-neutral Tavastia-process Advancement

Climate change will however not be solved by only compensating the emissions, rather by also reducing emissions. We did a carbon footprint calculation at the start of 2020 where we calculated the 2019 emissions afterwards. This calculation is being repeated once we return back to normal.
During autumn 2020 we worked in different types of assemblies and in various ways in order to define the direction and goals for 2021 efforts and emission reductions. Within the three different teams we found the focal points on which we decided to concentrate on in the near future. During the past year we have implemented lots of concrete changes, of which you can read more on the PDF below.

Next steps 2021-22


We will focus on recycling in the bars, as well as make the backstage recycling possibilities more efficient. Reduction of mixed waste and improving instructions amongst all staff.

Water Bottles

We are looking for solutions to move away from using bottled water for example in the backstage.

Ecological supplies

We will find ecological options for supplies. Cleaning- and washing detergents, as well as e.g. soft paper will be exchanged to biodegradable and more environmentally friendly.

Minimising Losses

Staff food loss cupboard to be taken to use at Restaurant Ilves, as well as possibly increasing the use of the ResQ-service. Backstage service loss-minimising together with the artists.

Social Responsibility and Safe Space

We will establish a work group to discuss equal Tavastia. The first objective of the group is to go through how equality is actualising from a customer and different staff members’ point of view.


Planning of responsibility communication for customers, artists, stakeholders as well as in-house. Devising clear instructions, on which we can encourage our customers to follow, or on which artists can encourage their fans to do: buying the environment ticket as an example. Considering how the message can be implemented internally to everyone working in-house, also for those working during the evenings.

Contact Details

Our work is only beginning – if you wish to hear more about our calculations or the transition process or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact [email protected]

We await with interest what the project will bring along and how we will succeed with the goals we have set. The site will be updated as the changes advance. We are asking all our customers, artists and stakeholders to join the conversation!

The Hall of Nature-project has been carried out together with Antti Heiskala of Accompany Oy.

Part of the project has been financed with the Business Finland-development fund.

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