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Utopianisti, Lasihelmipeli plays Tabula Rasa

Advance tickets from 13,50 €, at the door 15 €, Age limit: 18+

Event cancelled

This event has been cancelled.

You can return your ticket by filling the form on our website www.tiketti.fi/returntickets.

We will deduct a ticket specific handling fee / service fee with ticket returns of cancelled / rescheduled events.

Tiketti has received a lot of questions concerning the cancellations and whether it's possible to not return your ticket in order to support the event organizer in a difficult situation.

We want to answer these wishes and have decided, that the last return date for events cancelled because of corona is 31st of August 2020.

After that we'll account the remaining tickets to the event organizers.

You can support events also by purchasing venue specific gift cards. Please see a list of available gift cards here: www.tiketti.fi/events#t=89


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21:00 Lasihelmipeli plays Tabula Rasa
22:00 Utopianisti