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Thanks to their excellent location, as well as the fantastic sound system and lighting equipment, our premises are well suited for many kinds of events. We offer tailor-made functions for both larger crowds and smaller groups.

Rental of premises and catering services.
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Thanks to their excellent location, as well as the fantastic sound system and lighting equipment, Tavastia premises are well suited for many kinds of events. We offer tailor-made functions for both larger crowds and smaller groups.

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Diverse services

Tailored parties

The premises

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One of the oldest rock clubs in Europe still in operation, Tavastia also offers its customers premises for hire for private functions, parties, and meetings.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Hämäläisten talo building, which now also houses Tavastia, was a popular place for dancing. In the 1970s, the newly founded Tavastia introduced it to the world of rock ’n’ roll. Today, the club is the most famous in Finland, known for unforgettable parties with the greatest Finnish artists and hundreds of international stars. We have what it takes to organise memorable events – for you as well.

Thanks to our central location in Kamppi, in the heart of Helsinki, as well as our state-of-the-art sound system, technology, and lighting equipment, the premises are well suited for many kinds of events. Tavastia has witnessed large corporate functions and celebrations, press conferences and product launches, as well as smaller-scale seminars, cocktail parties, anniversaries, and recreational events alike.

The place is close to everything, easy to find, and easy to get home from. We offer straightforward service without unnecessary complications. Thanks to the adaptability of the premises, the high quality of food, and the professional staff – from ushers and waiters to technicians – the success of your event is guaranteed. Add to that the nostalgic atmosphere and unique environment, and your guests are sure to remember the party for years to come.


Semifinal is a smaller rock club downstairs from Tavastia – its little brother. Opened in 1993, the club is known as a stepping stone for new talent. Many of the top artists in Finland played their first intimate gigs here, before moving upstairs to Tavastia and on to international stages.

The Semifinal premises are suited for smaller, more intimate functions for up to 80 people. Cocktails and food are available, and entertainment can be provided by live performers or DJs. At Semifinal, sparkling conversation and a friendly atmosphere are a given.

Restaurant Ilves

When it comes to food, Tavastia relies on the services of its little sister, the Ilves restaurant. Established in 1932 in the Hämäläisten talo building, Ilves is an à la carte restaurant catering for 60 people. The kitchen also keeps the stars performing at Tavastia well fed. When the club was established next to Ilves in 1970, the restaurant became the regular haunt of music lovers.

Ilves creates the menus for your event, whether it is organised at Tavastia, Semifinal, Ilves or elsewhere. The restaurant has always served honest fare with an attitude. Local and organic food is close to our chef’s heart, and the well-planned dishes and pure tastes have become our trademark. The culinary pleasures are nicely complemented by the rock ’n’ roll environment.



The food

The food served at Ilves relies on Finnish ingredients and craft, with attention to traditions and the changing seasons. We strive to follow the same principles also in our catering operations, whilst always taking into consideration customers’ wishes and the nature of the function.

‘I’m a lover of French cuisine, and for the last decade I have studied Finnish ingredients, wondering, searching, and sometimes finding new, old, forgotten, or classic flavours and their combinations. Nothing gives a chef more pleasure than a room full of customers purring with content. That’s the reason I do what I do. Centuries turn and trends come and go, but the basics remain the same.’ Perttu Paulasto, Ilves’ chef


Wine is the best accompaniment for food. It quenches your thirst, enriches the atmosphere, complements any dinner, and creates a warm glow as it goes down.

That is why we at Tavastia and restaurant Ilves have truly invested in our wine selection. We offer fine artisan wines from interesting vineyards, where the beverages are produced with love and expertise. Our wine list includes plenty of options from Europe and other continents alike. A good number of our wines are organic or biodynamic. Our wine list is designed to ensure that the philosophies behind and the flavours of the food and wines complement each other perfectly.


Tavastia, Semifinal, and Ilves are fully licensed – in addition to wines, we are allowed to serve both weak and strong alcoholic beverages and drinks. A bar with a bartender can be opened at any of the premises; Tavastia boasts a total of three bars. Our skilled staff can also create drinks to go with the theme of your function, taking your wishes into account.

Outside catering

The Ilves restaurant is also well equipped to plan and cater for events organised elsewhere. In addition to delivering great food, we can even take care of decoration and provide waiting staff.

We can handle big events as well as small ones. We have supplied food for various festivals and other outdoor events, for artists and the audience alike. We have fed the crowds at some of Finland’s largest events.

 ‘What is served at events depends largely on the type of event, on the customers, and on what can be quickly prepared for large masses in challenging field conditions. Even then, we strive to use simple and ethically sustainable Finnish ingredients.’ Perttu Paulasto, Ilves’ chef

How we organise your function

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Just as you wish

All events, from corporate functions to family celebrations, are comprised of small details. Why not leave the organisation to us and just enjoy the party?

Rich in atmosphere, the premises in the heart of Helsinki provide just the right setting for an unforgettable event. We arrange your function expertly, and help you to plan everything, starting with menus and beverages that support the spirit of the evening.

At Tavastia, you are looked after by expert staff both in the kitchen and on the floor. Technical production is taken care of by solid professionals who take all your wishes into account.  Our security and access control services are simple and effective, keeping gatecrashers outside and making sure your event is a success.

A casual rock ’n’ roll ambiance, great food, music, and good company – just as you wish.

Accreditation system to help you with planning

Our customers are welcome to make use of our accreditation system. Through us, you can take care of accreditation from the planning of application forms to the reception of accredited persons at the event. With our accreditation system, you can manage target groups of any size and follow the realisation of your event in real time.

AV and presentation technology

Thanks to the state-of-the-art sound system, technology, and lighting equipment, the ambiance at your event will be just so, whatever the circumstances. From one week to the next, our stage hosts demanding guests, the success of whose shows is in our hands. The Tavastia setting is well known on the Finnish music scene, and people exiting our stage are usually more than happy. We can handle everything from conferences to visual shows – just let us know what you need.